Management buy-out

Furka Reibbeläge AG was hived off from the Breitenbach-based Swiss company Isola-Werke AG on 1 September 2001 by means of a management buy-out, and established as an independent company.

The departmental head at the time, Mr Marcel Aerni, assumed personal responsibility for the entire company while retaining the existing accommodation and staff.

Change of location

Due to constant further developments, a change of location to Münchenstein in the summer of 1950 was unavoidable.
As a result of improved production techniques, the mid-1980s marked the start of the conversion of the entire manufacturing processes. In 1993, the company was acquired by the Swiss-based Isola-Werke AG. The move to Breitenbach was made the following year.

The establishment of the company

The original company, IMAG, was established by Mr August Seiler in 1930 in Gelterkinden near Basel.

Right from the early years, fabric belts were
impregnated with phenolic resins and turned into brake linings.