Electrical control units

We maintain our plant and machinery to the latest technical standards.

Electrical control units have been replaced with electronic assemblies, thus optimising processes such as continuous temperature and pressure ramps.

Paint spray plant

Thanks to the use of water-soluble paints in the recently established paint spray plant with its dry air filter, our employees and the environment are no longer exposed to pollutants.

This has produced a significant improvement in our eco-balance.

Dust extraction

A dust extraction unit has recently been installed in the press-shop; it now prevent all forms of dust exposure.

This has achieved a significant improvement in the air quality within the factory and thus in the working conditions for our employees.

Inertia weight test stand

By the beginning of 2013, we shall have put our third inertia weight test stand into use. It can generate 320 kW and was previously employed by BMW in Munich.

Before it is put into use, the entire system will undergo some essential structural modifications and a retrofit.