Your contacts

Marcel Aerni


Marcel Aerni has a Swiss (HTL) in mechanical engineering and is a member of the management board of the Swissrail Industry Association.

The management of the company is his responsibility. He is also responsible for QES matters and thus for company modernisation and expansion.

Endre Fueloep

Research / Development R&D

Endre Fülöp's mission and task is to permanently monitor quality and manufacturing processes and to develop new products.

He uses our test centre stands for determining friction coefficients in order to examine and improve friction partner behaviour.

He is also our contact person for chemicals. He speaks German and English as well as Hungarian, Romanian and 'un peu de' French.

Felix Pfister

Sales / Logistics

Felix Pfister is the person to contact for sales and logistics.

He will help you choose materials for new applications or when specifications, requirements or dimensions change, and can answer cost queries.

He speaks German, English, French and 'un poco' Italian.

Markus Fretz

Production manager

Markus Fretz's area of responsibility covers the entire manufacturing process, including coordination, adherence to process specifications and safety regulations.

He is also responsible for machinery and plant maintenance.

Defect-free and accident-free production is his overriding aim.

Susanne Liebs


Susanne Liebs is our financial conscience; she looks after accounting, controlling and personnel matters.

She is delighted when customer payments are received on time and ensures that all accounts payable are duly settled.