Experience of applications gained over many years

Our knowledge of applications, acquired over many years of practical experience, our expertise and the constant ongoing development of our materials make us specialists in the small-scale and series production of woven, rolled and pressed friction linings.

Thanks to more than 80 years of expertise in manufacturing friction linings, we are now able to supply an appropriately comprehensive range of products for the broadest possible spectrum of uses and to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Supplementary product range

As a logical extension to our friction lining business, we also act as the Swiss agents for Kovis Group products.

These include nodular cast iron, grey cast iron and cast steel brake system components such as brake discs, axle bearing housings, brake lining holders, etc.

Composite fibre technology

Employing fibre-reinforced friction materials offers the quality-conscious user maximum safety.

Special quality grades

Our customised special solutions allow users to adapt or optimise
the braking process because off-the-shelf products often fail to
produce the desired effect.

Tailor-made installed dimensions and thermal, physical or chemical properties also demand individual solutions.

As a niche player and experienced specialist, we can supply specific lining materials and solutions.