Innovation, also in cooperation with our customers

Get me engineers who haven't learned what can't be done! (Henry Ford)

In addition to the  in-house development of innovative friction lining recipes we are engaged in an EU funded project (Horizon 2020) for the development of a biodegradable filler material (nano-fibrilllated cellulose) that comes with very specific and exciting properties.

Furthermore, together with the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) we are working on the development of a very temperature resistant resin compound for friction liners installed in temperature exposed applications.

And finally: if you have an idea for which you are looking for an implementation partner -  you are welcome to get in touch with us!






Innovation example:

Wear and tear of the brake pad is very critical for our customer's machine operation. If the maximum wear of the pads is ignored the machine's operational reliability and thus availability is immediately impaired with economic consequences. As a solution, we have developed a system that monitors wear and tear and sends an alarm to the machine operator when maximum wear is reached.  


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