Friction lining

The friction lining

Brake-, clutch- and slideway lingings

Friction lining is a collective term for brake lining, clutch lining and slideway lining, irrespective the technical scope of application.

The friction lining guarantees a repeatable and controlled intervention in a mechanical process. This intervention (breaking, clutching, sliding) destroys kinetic energy (motion) and converts it mainly into thermal energy. Subject energy conversion formulates the mechanical, thermal and tribological characteristics of the friction lining.

Friction linings are used in most industries and a wide range of different applications:

  • mechanical engineering
  • public transportation; e.g. bus, tram, railway
  • mountain railway; e.g. cable car, cog railway
  • heavy duty vehicles; e.g. army, construction
  • agricultural machinery
  • automation and robotics

Friction linings have been the core business of  Furka Reibbeläge AG since the 1930's. Our experience gradually grows with each and every customer project we support and execute. That's why we are happy to learn more about your challenges in the area of braking, clutching and sliding and look forward to support you in finding a suitable solution together with you. 




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