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News | 18.02.2021

Furka AG in Breitenbach has expanded again its product portfolio‭. ‬

At the beginning of year 2021‭, ‬Furka AG made important steps in pursuing its strategic growth‭, ‬through some significant expansion of both its product portfolio and its operating range‭, ‬further to the integration of key expert competence‭. ‬By joining forces‭ ‬and resources from Europe and Asia‭, ‬Furka AG is gaining the ability to propose complete Brake Systems for OEM applications on trams and LRVs‭, ‬as well as aftermarket solutions for retrofit and upgrade projects‭ (‬including qualified overhaul services on existing equipment‭). ‬

Our system proposals can rely on a range of mechanical components and assemblies‭, ‬machined and assembled in highly automated production lines in China‭ (‬also supplied to CRRC‭, ‬the largest rolling-stock manufacturer in the World‭), ‬on a state‭-‬of-the-art Electronic Brake Control designed and manufactured in Italy‭ (‬service-proven in Europe‭), ‬on Power‭ ‬&‭ ‬Control Hydraulics‭ ‬made in Germany and on high-quality Friction Materials from Furka AG‭ (‬made in Switzerland‭, ‬in Kanton Solothurn‭). ‬Market-experienced project engineers are completing the team and managing the projects‭.‬


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