Special solutions
Extreme environmental conditions:
Military and agriculture

Harsh Enivornment

Under the toughest conditions

Extremely thermally and mechanically stressed, exposed to environmental influences such as temperature, water and all kinds of dust and dirt, or greasy and oily operating environments, we have the right covering for your application.

Our linings are reliable and convince even under the toughest conditions with the required coefficients of friction. The armed forces, agriculture, the construction industry such as mechanical and plant engineering trust the performance of our products.

For your security

We also support our customers in special applications, such as the development of a brake lining that acts directly on a worm gear – soft enough to avoid damage to the gear, tough with high shear strength, a high coefficient of friction at very low speeds and durable. Your goal is our goal – reliable braking behavior in all situations.

Product examples
from this application area


Drum brake lining

Army vehicles

2019 04 07 Furka Still Life 0273

dDrum brake lining

Armored personnel carriers, heavy army vehicles

00220 Scheibenbremsbelag Furka Betrieb 080

Disc brake pad

Army vehicles

00440 Terratrac Aebi Tt75 Bandrechen

Brake and clutch linings

Agricultural vehicles and machines

00210 Trommelbremsbelag Bild 4

drum brake linings

Various applications, Saurer trucks, old timers


Drum brake

Army vehicles

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