Brake pads, clutch linings and
friction linings
Swiss Made

Furka Reibbeläge AG is the only company in Switzerland that develops, manufactures
and sells friction materials. Switzerland is our most important market, but we increasingly supply
international customers in Europe, the USA and Asia.



We develop individual buffers for industrial applications. Use our configurator to configure your buffer.

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Brake pads, clutch linings and friction linings for different

application areas

Public transport:
Rail and tram

Furka AG produces highly reliable and low-emission brake pads for rail vehicles as well as tram.

Elevators and drive technology

We develop and produce brake pads, clamping and holding pads which e.g. be used in emergency brakes or service brakes.‬

Mechanical and plant engineering

‬Our coverings are used, for example, in drive motors and gears, generators, agricultural machines and textile machines.‬

Special solutions:
Extreme environmental conditions

Extremely thermally and mechanically stressed, exposed to environmental influences such as temperature, water and all kinds of dust and dirt, or greasy and oily operating environments, we have the right covering for your application.

Industrial use

‬Ob als winzige Wellenbremse oder als Mini-Bremsbelag in Schaltantrieben bis hin zu riesigen Bremsplatten‭, ‬die für das sichere Anhalten von Generatoren verantwortlich sind‭. Furka AG products can be found in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Hydropower – Hydropower plants

The Furka generator lining qualities are suitable for all generator braking applications under the most extreme conditions. They are low-wear and have a long service life.

Leisure activities

Furka friction products are also used for leisure activities.

Quality & Security

We do not only offer our customers a product but a solution
  • Better coefficient of friction
  • Less emissions (especially noise)
  • Longer service life
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Faster response times

For you. Unique.

Every job is unique. Each customer individually.
Together with you, we will develop the right covering for your requirements.


Talk to the friction lining experts now:

Phone: +41 (0)61 785 95 00

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Prudent advice

We advise you in finding a solution for a more powerful system.

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Customized covering development

We develop the perfect product for your requirements.

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Production and processing

We also take on the production of ready-to-install components and assemblies.

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Retrofit and repair

We take care of the repair of brake lining carriers and brake bands.

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