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Furka Reibbeläge AG is the only company in Switzerland that develops, manufactures and sells friction materials. Switzerland is our most important market, but we increasingly supply international customers in Europe, the USA and Asia.


The industry with the highest turnover is public transport, but Furka products also being used reliably in a wide variety of applications in mechanical and plant engineering. In these markets, our delivery share is increasing from year to year. We advise and support our customers in finding solutions and see ourselves as a flexible and reliable partner, right up to the delivery of the products or assemblies.


Production plant

Our company is an independent SME manufacturing company in Breitenbach, Solothurn, 30 km from Basel. We have distribution partners in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and China. FURKA is the only friction lining manufacturer in Switzerland and due to its customer-specific products offer a wide range of brake pads, clutch linings and friction linings.


Reduced maintenance intervals contribute to lower maintenance costs. Optimally selected materials and individual processing guarantee a long-lasting functional reliability and help prevent expensive machine breakdowns. Depending on the area of application, different qualities are used that are adapted to the specific requirements.

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Our expectations
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Future Vision

80% of our turnover is achieved in Switzerland and we are the only national company that produces friction linings for industrial products. Abroad, we mainly supply brake manufacturers or railroads in Austria and Germany. It is our goal to develop „intelligent“ systems further that optimally combine safety-technical requirements with a long service life. We are also constantly working on innovations, as for example on „components involved in the braking process“.

Your satisfaction is our motivation

The friction- and sliding linings are safety components and it is a matter of trust for the user that these parts operate reliably. FURKA-Reibbeläge AG develops and produces customer-specific brake-, clutch-, and friction linings for a wide range of use under the most fastidious quality requirements tailored to the respective application. We are represented by distribution partners in almost every country in Europe such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg; further Kovis components complete our assortment.

We are committed to the environment and its entire economic and social environment.


The question of our time: How do we manage to develop non-toxic and pollutant-free products that are not only of high quality, but also economically efficient. The aim is to protect the environment, nature and people equally.

We see ourselves as a driver of innovation and an important partner in the search for solutions for a clean future – because we feel obliged to the environment, nature and people.

Our products are made exclusively from the best raw materials – always with the basic attitude to protect nature and its raw materials.