sintered lining materials

News | 01.10.2020

Furka AG has expanded its product portfolio. Based on a new cooperation, Furka AG is now in the position to offer also solutions for applications where it is necessary to transform high kinetic energy with sintered lining materials. Our sinter material consists out of many different metals which are specially developed for specific customer applications. They are products under high pressure and extreme high temperatures (1200 °C). Sintered linings are used in applications for high speed, long stopping times and extreme temperature ranges. Under these conditions the lining coefficient of friction remains relatively stable with low wear rates.

The production of our lining material is based on almost 2 decades of experience and supported by a complex and fully equipped R&D centre.

Our sintered linings are used in applications like wind turbines, material handling equipment for ports, steel mills and mining as well as trains for public transport.