Swiss Federal Institute of Switzerland (ETH Zürich) Swissloop 2018/19

We support the Swissloop team at ETH Zurich in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project. The Tesla and SpaceX founder’s Hyperloop project aims to develop high-speed transport technology (1200 km / h) for people and goods. The Swissloop team consists of students from ETH Zurich and the FHNW, who want to develop the fastest Hyperloop capsule, the pod. In the summer of 2019, the Swissloop team will fight for the third time on the 1.25 km long test track in California, USA, against an international university competition at the SpaceX Hyperloop competition. In order to bring the Swissloop pod to a standstill from top speed in the shortest possible time and without damaging the guide rails, Furka Reibbeläge AG has developed a high-performance brake pad and is making an important contribution to the success of the project.

Csm Pod Claude Nicollier Brake 190612 E766e7a3ef
Pod Claude Nicollier 190612 Min
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